September 3, 2014

Endless Summer

Back at it again with some more white pieces! White after Labor Day? I know, such a rebel. But I've seriously fallen in love with these distressed jeans and sandals and just had to share them with you. Every girl knows that finding that right pair of jeans is so painstaking, you really just have to snatch 'em up when you do. I was so lucky that I spotted these as soon as I walked into LF (guarded 'em with my life!).
So I guess summer is officially over, but the weather doesn't change over the course of a weekend! And let's be real, fall in SoCal is really just a cold summer day for everyone else. I would really love to be wearing sweaters right now, and I'm really hoping for some rain soon because God knows we need it. But for now, I'll be taking advantage of the heat.
This look is easily one of my go-to summer outfits because it's so comfortable and effortless. I've had this muscle tank for 2 years now and I still wear it to death! I threw on a pair of more strappy sandals to keep the outfit from looking too sloppy. Yes, I wore them in my last post, but I already know they're going to be a favorite of mine so you can bet that you'll be seeing a lot more of them!

With love,