March 15, 2014

What's In My Glam Bag?!

Hello my loves!
I'm sure most of you know about monthly subscription services, if not already subscribed to them. I'm talking about sites like Shoemint, Jewelmint, Birch Box, and Ipsy to name a few. For those of you who don't know what I'm talking about, these are fashion and beauty websites that you pay a monthly fee to and receive monthly packages. I've been subscribed to Ipsy for a couple months now and each month (for $10) I get a cute little travel pouch stuffed with about 4-5 beauty samples. It's perfect for people like me who really want to try different beauty products but can't afford buying like 5 different moisturizers to find the perfect one. The great thing is that the samples aren't those lame foil packets, but decent travel-sized products and even a couple full sized products! Each bag is usually worth like $40-$50, so it's totally worth it. It gives me great exposure to new brands I wouldn't have known about and lets me buy products that I know are worth the investment. That's enough background info, keep reading to see what I got in my March Glam Bag! 

** Even though I wish this was sponspored, it's not. Just wanted to share a good thing with you lovely ladies! 

Bare Minerals | Marvelous Moxie
NYX | Love in Rio
Pixi | Flawless Beauty Primer 
Chella | Liquid Liner in Blue

I'm so excited to test these products out! Especially the lipstick! Let me know if you guys want reviews of the products! Be sure to check back monthly for more What's In My Glam Bag?!


March 12, 2014

Spring Essentials

Hello my loves! 

I've been in a great mood recently and it's probably because flowers are blooming and days are getting longer! That only means one thing.. SPRING is almost here! Buut since I live in Southern Cali, it's basically been here (no such thing as winter in SoCal).
I guess you could say that I've caught the Spring Fever. Pretty pastels have been popping up everywhere and I can't wait to get my hands on some. Before I run out and splurge, I had to make sure I had all of the basics for spring. So here are some of my fave spring essentials to give you a jumpstart on the season! 

1. | SUNDRESSES | You can bet that I'll be in a sundress the instant the weather warms up. Flirty sundresses just put in me in an amazing mood and get me all revved up for the warmer months to come. 
2. | SKIRTS | Mini, midi, maxi, I love 'em all! But I feel extra feminine and girly with all the pastels and this peach, pleated maxi is absolutely gorgeous. Maxis are great in the spring since they cover up my pasty winter legs until I work up that bronzed glow.  
3. | KNIT SWEATER |These are the perfect transition tops into the spring because they are light enough to keep you looking chic during the day, but warm enough to keep you comfy at night. You can basically wear them over anything, from dresses to jeans. 
4. | BOYFRIEND JEANS | Do these even need an explanation? These casual bottoms are a must in the spring because that add that perfect amount of coolness to any outfit. 
5. | SPF MOISTURIZER | Just because the sun isn't strong enough to burn you yet doesn't mean it's not doing damage. Daily moisturizer with SPF is a necessity for me year round, but spring means that I'll be spending more time outdoors and skin protection is a MUST. Always use SPF 15 and above! 
6. | CROSSBODY | You can definitely use these year round, but I find myself using heavier shoulder bags during the fall and winter seasons. So I opt for lighter and more convenient bags as I spend more time outdoors.  
7. | SUNNIES | Sunnier days = fabulous shades.  
8. | FLATS | It's finally time to give your feet a break from heavy boots and break out those comfy flats. They go with just about everything! Just slip 'em on and head out for a stroll in the sun.  
9. | DENIM JACKETS | Pop one of these babies over a pastel sundress and you're instantly chic. The days aren't warm enough for bare arms just yet, and these do just the trick to keep you looking fresh.  
10. |UMBRELLA | As the saying goes, April showers bring May flowers. Having a patterned umbrella handy is a necessity for those random spring rains. Plus they add brightness to gloomier days. 
11. | STRIPED TOPS | For whatever reason, I love the contrast between girly pastels and bold stripes. So I love having a striped top around to throw a little something to the mix. 

(Click the little ☀ to find these amazing spring pieces.) 

If you can't tell, I'm very excited for spring and this list could be waay longer. But I hope this helped some of you lovely ladies prepare for your spring wardrobes! Leave a comment if you think I missed anything, I would love to hear from you!


PS » As you can see, the Daily Daydream is undergoing a bit of construction so please bear with me as I customize it. Thanks :)