August 29, 2014

White Palazzo

Top&Bottoms: Zara / Shoes: Calvin Klein / Necklace: Threadsence / Watch: Michael Kors
No white after labor day. Or is it the other way around? Either way, I have never understood that fashion faux pas. I've always just thought of Labor Day as a seasonal turning point, the transition from summer to fall. But just for good luck, I decided to go with a more summery outfit since fall has slowly trickled its way into the fashion world. As much as I am excited to start layering with cozy sweaters, LA weather has yet to catch the fall fever! But, in true blogger form, you'll be sure to see more fall styles in the coming posts!

With love,

August 26, 2014

@ THE MOMENT: The Slip

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So lately, I've been mildly obsessed with the slip dress trend. As weird as it sounds, there's a kind of thrill in wearing lingerie in public, provided that you're not on a walk of shame. There are so many variations to this trend, some pieces are a lot more risqué and others don't really seem like slips at all. The lace detailing adds such a flirty feminine touch to any outfit, and if you're not comfortable with the idea of wearing unmentionables, you can always opt for a more subtle version! They're also such great transition pieces for fall, simply throw on a baggy sweater and boom! Instant chic. But there's a fine line between looking stylish and slutty, so pair them with more structured pieces like blazers or leather jackets for a more sophisticated look. What's your favorite way to style a slip?

With love,

PS! Shopbop is having a huge sale right now, so be sure to check it out!

August 19, 2014

Closet Essentials: The Pump.

I don't know what's gotten into me this past summer, but I can't seem to stop buying shoes! I mean, I've always been a shoeholic, but lately it seems like I've caught some kind of shoe fever. And of course, there's always that voice in my head justifying each purchase. 
This time it was: "If there were one staple heel that no closet could go without, it would definitely have to be a classic pump!" 
Yes, I do have a pair of black pumps already, but they aren't D'orsay calf hair pumps. My reasoning behind this most recent purchase was to update a classic staple, and these are perfection. They're just the right height and shape to add a touch of class to dress up any outfit, plus they elongate my legs! How could I say no to that?!

With love,

If you're looking to add to your shoe collection, find similar styles here! 
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August 18, 2014

Weekend Warrior

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Hello hello!

So this past weekend, I was rifling through my closet, spending way too much time deciding what to wear, when I realized something. There is a very clear divide between my weekday and weekend wardrobes. Obviously during the work week I opt for more classic work-appropriate attire, but it's just a free-for-all when it comes to the weekend! My playtime wardrobe ranges anything from feminine to edgy, and I'm definitely into that boho hippie vibe at the moment (thanks to the summer and festival hype).
It seems that a lot of trends recently lean toward boho chic, and anything hippie is readily found online. Major ones for me being: Free People, Threadsence, and Luna B. Recently, I came across this site, Mickey's Girl, that has great hippie pieces to fuel my inner Burning Man. Their selection slightly limited, but their clothes are adorable! So I took the liberty of putting together an outfit that I would wear on the weekends. If boho is your thang, be sure to go check out their site!

With Love,

August 14, 2014

Boy Meets Girl

One of my go-to ways to mix up my wardrobe is to throw together both feminine and more masculine pieces. It adds a little something unexpected to an outfit you would typically find in a more corporate setting. The lace and blush of the cami really offset the staple striped button down and black trouser. To keep the cami from being too overwhelmed by the colder colors, I threw on some nude heels and curled my hair to soften the overall effect. I kept the accessories to a minimum to complete the look! 

With love,

August 8, 2014

Casual Cool

Happy Friday Everyone! So glad to finally be at the end of this eternity long week! My mind's already in that weekend mindset, so I threw on some laid-back pieces to feel the part. This button-down half tuck has been a huge trend this summer, but I really do believe it adds that extra cool factor. That along with my reflective sunnies (courtesy of 20/20) and ripped denim shorts, of course. I'm also really loving the dainty touch of that whole peek-a-boo lace thing that's been so hot lately. It's such an easy outfit to wear, definitely making it one of my fave go-to summer looks. 

With Love,

August 7, 2014

@ THE MOMENT: For Love & Lemons

Haven't done an @THE MOMENT post in a while, but I've decided to bring them back. So lately, I've been finding myself consistently drawn to anything For Love & Lemons. They have such fabulous feminine pieces that range from borderline risqué to flirty elegance. FLL is largely known for its unique lingerie that gives any girl that boost of confidence knowing that what they're wearing underneath would drop any man to his knees. What I really love about them is their attention to detail and fit that makes every dainty piece fit like a dream. They've got their summer sale going on, 40% off! So many amazing pieces, I'm having a huge struggle deciding between my wallet and closet!

With Love,

August 4, 2014

Summer Fair

Now that summer is winding down, the OC Fair is back in town! So I definitely had to make my way out there to try my hand at a couple fair games. I knew I'd be walking around, playing games, and eating greasy fair food so I threw on this lightweight romper I found at Urban Outfitters. Rompers are a staple in any summer wardrobe, and I've found myself reaching for this one any chance I get! This summer, I've been seeing a lot of rompers with this kind of loose fit. And I definitely see why, it gives the freedom of a dress, but without the worry of that Marilyn Monroe moment.  The color and print of it makes it a great transition piece into fall, so I'm sure I'll be wearing it a lot in the coming months.    

The nights are starting to cool down a little, so I threw on the oh so popular Caroline Cardi from Brandy. (Everyone and their mother has this cardi, my mom included. She loved mine so much, she made me buy her one too!) To finish off the casual boho look, I stacked the usual bunch of bracelets and rings. 

With Love,

August 1, 2014

Grand Hyatt

I know I've already posted a couple times about my trip to Kauai, but I seriously cannot get over how beautiful it was! The Grand Hyatt Resort deserves an entire post of its own. It is hands down the most relaxing resort I've ever stayed in. It's green landscape and postcard-esque views made for such a calming ambience. The main entrance and hotel are set on top of a hill that gradually expands out and opens up to a beautiful private beach. I didn't really count, but there must have been like ten pools, some chlorinated and some salt water, but the landscape made us feel like we had stumbled upon a bunch of small grottos. 

On our last day, we were total tourists and spent most of our time just exploring and admiring the hotel. Everything about it was just so inviting and it made it that much harder to leave and return to reality. I have to admit, I kind of felt like a princess in my long white dress roaming around our little piece of paradise. And what better way to show off my newly tanned self than in a flowy, white maxi. 
To complete the look, I donned the obligatory hibiscus, adding the perfect pop of color. This resort is a must-see if you ever travel to Kauai, I know I'll definitely be coming back.

With Love,