October 7, 2014

Le Tux.

top SheInside / trousers F21 / blazer Blue Kimchi / pumps Halogen / clutch Alexander McQueen

Hello hello! There seems to be an ongoing menswear-inspired trend in my posts lately, so I thought I'd top it off with my twist on the classic tuxedo look. If you've been following me, you might've already noticed, and if you don't, you'll soon see that I love mixing feminine and masculine pieces. There's something about the contrast that's really intriguing and it may or may not be norm core inspired. It definitely has something to do with the dainty and delicate being accentuated when mixed with the crisper masculine pieces. But as much as I love dressing in tomboyish outfits, I can't wait for the cozy sweater weather! You'll be sure to see softer looks in the upcoming weeks. 

With love,

Keep checking back in because I've got a Halloween series headed your way. :)


  1. Gorgeous outfit!! Love that top and clutch!! Have a great day!


  2. You make this menswear look so glam! I love the lace cropped tee underneath. So cute!

  3. I love everything about this outfit! The top reminds me of For Love and Lemons :)

  4. Wonderful look, such a cute top!

  5. That eyelash lace though ... so delicate and beautiful. I love how you paired it with a blazer to make it more dressy and less boho airy fairy.