January 8, 2015

#girlfriendgiftguide | New Year, New You

Hello, hello! For those of you who have girlfriends with January birthdays, or are thinking of getting yourself a little something, this month's #girlfriendgiftguide has got plenty to help you kick off 2015!
1 * There's no better way to start the year off fresh than by adding some green to your life. Keeping these little guys alive will help you stick to your resolutions!
2 * An adorable mineral/gem calendar.
3 * Wall art to remind you to start every day perfectly fabulous!
4 * Glam Kate Spade folders to help you organize your life in all ways glam.
5 * Get financially motivated with a brand new wallet! OR use sites/apps like Mint or Learn Vest to help you achieve those financial goals.
6 * A fab daily agenda to keep you focused on those daily goals.
7 * Floral notebooks for you to jot down your goals, plans, and ideas. 
8 * Write one sentence a day, whether its to sum up your day or a quote that inspires you, and look back at it at the end of the year. 
9 * Because every girl needs a gold stapler. 
10 * The glammest fitness tracker there ever was. With a fitness tracker this gorgeous, you'll have no excuse not to wear it. 

With love,


  1. Really great items!


  2. Okay.. so I love everything in this list! Have a fantastic 2015!