March 15, 2014

What's In My Glam Bag?!

Hello my loves!
I'm sure most of you know about monthly subscription services, if not already subscribed to them. I'm talking about sites like Shoemint, Jewelmint, Birch Box, and Ipsy to name a few. For those of you who don't know what I'm talking about, these are fashion and beauty websites that you pay a monthly fee to and receive monthly packages. I've been subscribed to Ipsy for a couple months now and each month (for $10) I get a cute little travel pouch stuffed with about 4-5 beauty samples. It's perfect for people like me who really want to try different beauty products but can't afford buying like 5 different moisturizers to find the perfect one. The great thing is that the samples aren't those lame foil packets, but decent travel-sized products and even a couple full sized products! Each bag is usually worth like $40-$50, so it's totally worth it. It gives me great exposure to new brands I wouldn't have known about and lets me buy products that I know are worth the investment. That's enough background info, keep reading to see what I got in my March Glam Bag! 

** Even though I wish this was sponspored, it's not. Just wanted to share a good thing with you lovely ladies! 

Bare Minerals | Marvelous Moxie
NYX | Love in Rio
Pixi | Flawless Beauty Primer 
Chella | Liquid Liner in Blue

I'm so excited to test these products out! Especially the lipstick! Let me know if you guys want reviews of the products! Be sure to check back monthly for more What's In My Glam Bag?!


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