May 23, 2014

Pineapples & Leather

So the weather here in SoCal has been so strange lately. Last week it was literally scorching, and this week it's cooled down so much and almost threatens to rain! I mean, rain is typical for "spring", but there is no such thing in SoCal. The weather range is like hothothot (summer) to warm (winter) with like week of actual weather. But anyway, with the recent cool down, I was so excited for a chance to wear this jacket!

It's an Ella Moss jacket I bought on sale, and I never had the opportunity to wear it! It had really cute leather panels on the shoulders and leather trim, so I paired it with my FAVE pair of pleather leggings. I threw it on over my new Sincerely Jules Summer Collection tee. I must say I absolutely love that tee shirt, it's so incredibly comfortable. You'll definitely be seeing a lot more of it.. Anyways! To accessorize, I threw on this statement necklace that my sister gave me (Aldo) and it definiely dressed up the tee and leggings. 


PS My camera decided to delete all the pics except for this one, sooo this is all you get! Sorry! 

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