August 1, 2014

Grand Hyatt

I know I've already posted a couple times about my trip to Kauai, but I seriously cannot get over how beautiful it was! The Grand Hyatt Resort deserves an entire post of its own. It is hands down the most relaxing resort I've ever stayed in. It's green landscape and postcard-esque views made for such a calming ambience. The main entrance and hotel are set on top of a hill that gradually expands out and opens up to a beautiful private beach. I didn't really count, but there must have been like ten pools, some chlorinated and some salt water, but the landscape made us feel like we had stumbled upon a bunch of small grottos. 

On our last day, we were total tourists and spent most of our time just exploring and admiring the hotel. Everything about it was just so inviting and it made it that much harder to leave and return to reality. I have to admit, I kind of felt like a princess in my long white dress roaming around our little piece of paradise. And what better way to show off my newly tanned self than in a flowy, white maxi. 
To complete the look, I donned the obligatory hibiscus, adding the perfect pop of color. This resort is a must-see if you ever travel to Kauai, I know I'll definitely be coming back.

With Love,


  1. These holiday shots are making me so jealous; everything looks so perfect and tranquil.

    1. It was so gorgeous and relaxing. I really recommend going to Kauai if you haven't been already!