August 7, 2014

@ THE MOMENT: For Love & Lemons

Haven't done an @THE MOMENT post in a while, but I've decided to bring them back. So lately, I've been finding myself consistently drawn to anything For Love & Lemons. They have such fabulous feminine pieces that range from borderline risqué to flirty elegance. FLL is largely known for its unique lingerie that gives any girl that boost of confidence knowing that what they're wearing underneath would drop any man to his knees. What I really love about them is their attention to detail and fit that makes every dainty piece fit like a dream. They've got their summer sale going on, 40% off! So many amazing pieces, I'm having a huge struggle deciding between my wallet and closet!

With Love,


  1. I love this post! You seriously introduced me to this amazing brand that I've fallen in love with!!! Great pictures! :)

    1. So happy to share the love! :) Their clothes are so amazing and great quality!

  2. My love for For Love and Lemons is paramount! Their pieces just scream summer.
    I've been lusting over the Antigua maxi dress for months; too bad there are so many fakes around though