November 20, 2014


Hello hello! I've been MIA lately, but hopefully I can make it up with some of these postcard-esque photos from my recent camping trip! This past weekend, in an almost spur of the moment decision, I went camping in Zion National Park with some of my good friends and I have to say, this was by far the most memorable camping trip I've ever been on. Every photograph looked like it should have been featured in National Geographic, not because of my photography skills, but just because the autumn scenery was absolutely breathtaking. Crisp, golden leaves just floated from trees and that in and of itself was enough for me, since we don't really get that in Southern Cali. The views from the few hikes we took left me in awe, and I don't think I've ever appreciated nature more. I had such a difficult time selecting from my billions of photos, but I hope you enjoy this first half! 

Tsangtastic inspired.
Little guy was just standing on the ledge like it was no big deal.
Upper Antelope Canyon in Arizona. Flash floods flow through the canyon and make these beautiful striations in the rock. 
*Please excuse the blurriness, bad lighting and low temps don't make for very clear pics.
Horseshoe Bend, created by the winding twists of the Colorado River is also in AZ, only several miles from Antelope Canyon. 

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  1. This looks beautiful and incredible! I want to visit! I love your fun workout clothes too!