July 30, 2014


The last time I visited Kauai with my family, we stumbled across the most serene white sand beach we'd ever seen. We were adventuring around in our Jeep, looking for a waterfall and just discovered this isolated little cove with absolutely no people. It's the kind of beach you imagine when you think of Hawaii, but the reality of it is that they're mostly tourist packed. It just so happened that the beach had a name, Kauapea, or Secret Beach. 
So of course, we tried to find it again! And like with most things that you stumble upon, it was impossible to find. Turns out, there are several beaches along that stretch of coast all named Secret Beach, but they weren't our Secret Beach. After 3 hours of driving back in forth, we just ended up hanging out at another beach, still beautiful though. The sceneries we were driving in were absolutely gorgeous. Kauai is definitely the most lush place I've ever been; there were endless tree tunnels and beautiful fields backed by greener mountains. 
I went with standard beach day attire: a casual blue printed dress paired with some casual black sandals. Accessories are always a must for me, so I stacked on the stone bracelets and a beaded necklace (nothing that would get water damage). 

With Love,

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